Diabetes Doesn’t Convey A Clock

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Diabetes doesn’t bring a clock, or a calendar. Diabetes doesn’t sleep. Diabetes is a 24 sixty minutes illness, seven days a week.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 diabetic that is insulin subject must constantly monitor the ups too downs of their blood saccharide levels.

Too much saccharide inwards your organization (hyperglycemia) for an extended menstruum of fourth dimension too y’all tin move acquire into ketoacidosis (diabetic coma).

Too piffling saccharide (hypoglycemia) too y’all tin move acquire into a coma.

The diabetic learns to relaxation their saccharide levels too hopefully avoid extreme highs too lows.

But what if y’all bring an insulin pump too your supplies don’t brand it on time? What if y’all are on Medicare? Like everything else, the folks inwards DC that brand the rules on when y’all tin move too cannot acquire your supplies don’t alive inwards the existent world.

If your Amazon packet doesn’t brand it on fourth dimension y’all tin move only aw shucks too perhaps it volition brand it tomorrow.

But if your insulin too heart supplies are belatedly y’all could locomote inwards existent trouble.

Laddie Lindahl has diabetes, too this is her blog. You may non bring diabetes, but y’all likely know soul who does. Today’s post service volition opened upward your eyes to the challenges of living amongst diabetes.
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